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"Transcat" Electronic Cat Door

"Transcat" Electronic Cat Door

'Transcat' Electronic Cat Door (TCDE)

The cat wears a magnet in a soft, light holder on their collar (any type of collar, including a flea collar) which activates the new unique smart technology digital latch, fitted to the cat door. The magnets are designed so that metal objects are unlikely to be attracted. The holder fits snugly along the collar and does not protrude from the cats neck.

Use of smart technology
Now controlled by a microprocessor.

No noise
Unit operates without disturbing the cat or owner.

Precise opening time
The unit will stay open for a specific period (ie, five seconds) to allow the cat to enter.

Battery life significantly increased
Battery life will vary depending on use. Field tests show the alkaline batteries will last in excess of 12 months with one cat. Alkaline batteries are highly recommended because non-alkaline batteries will last for significantly less time.

Indicator of low batteries
When batteries start to lose power the unit will emit a quiet beeping sound when the door is operated. This becomes louder as the batteries lose power.

The Transcat Especial Cat Door still remains the only electronic cat door that will fit into a ranchslider. It has a 2 year warranty and is proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand with years of proven reliability in the glass industry.

Increased reliability
Sensitive analogue electronics are now replaced by more robust digital electronics.

Same features as the Transcat Deluxe Cat Door.

Designed for glass installations but can be used in some wood installations
Flap 180 (W) x 170mm (H)
Clear, unobtrusive appearance
Sturdy 4-way locking system
UV stabilised tough construction
Heavy duty magnet catch
Silent action
Will fit in most ranchslider type doors
Easy installation
Supplied with batteries and one collar magnet
Other spare parts available on request

Installation instructions

Cut hole size: round hole 267mm diameter for glass
Cut hole size: round hole 247mm diameter for wood
Overall size: 287mm diameter

Bolts supplied are for panel thickness 3-6mm. Longer bolts are available on request

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Pet Doors
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Price: $118.00

$118.00 Each
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